Is your operating system updated to the best possible version?

Transformation is really incorrect as a word and approach to knowing a higher version of your Self. The better way to do that is to clean up the older operating system I.e uninstall it and download and install the best version. The clean up, download and install are all done by a single action called Meditation.

Like you visit say an adobe website for a download the internal operating system download is at your Ajna Chakra (third eye). You connect to it via focussing you eyes there during meditation and watching your breathing as you do so. These two actions take care of the uninstall, delete and download and install. As you stay focussed at the third eye you download packages of information that rewire your identity and the way you see things…

The best meditation video I have ever come across is here: (set aside an hour of concentration and grasp it)

Energy flows where attention goes…

Focus between your eye brows and the energy from all over the body flows there and as it does it cleans up the software from all parts takes it up the spine and plays out unresolved memories and thus uninstalls the programs that are not useful.clearing up space for a better version of IOS.

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